UCW Driver Education



ICourse Description:

The UCW driver education program develops traffic citizens who will use highway transportation system in a competent, safe, and responsible manner either as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian. We are dedicated to delivering the individualized instruction necessary to ensure the successful completion of driver education and to equip the student with the defensive driving skills needed to navigate safely. Behind the Wheel (BTW) phase will be taught at a CPS driver education center near UCW when this classroom phase has been successfully completed

IIState Requirements to Obtain Drivers License:

-State law requires all driver education students to pass 30 hours of classroom instruction. That means passing this class with a 60% and being in the classroom for at least 30 hours.

-State law requires all driver education students to pass 6 hours of supervised-instruction and 12 hours of supervised instructional observation.

-State law requires that all driver education students under the age of 18 must drive with their permit for 9 months after the date it was issued.


In order to learn how to drive, presence in the classroom is important.  By state law, students are required to be in the classroom 30 hours.  Therefore, more than 2 absences results in failure of the course.  Also, three tardies equals an absence.

IVCourse Material:

A.Course textbook is Drive Right, (Prentice-Hall) which will remain in the classroom throughout the course except by permission of teacher.  Please make no marks in this book.  Marks, notes and illustrations may be drawn on classroom worksheets or notebook. 

B.The student must have a pen or pencil each class period.  Also, a pocket folder and a notebook should be brought to class EVERY DAY.  The notebook is very important because all your information will be recorded in there.  The notebook will be collected weekly. 


Tests and Quizzes

Notebook Check

VITrimester 2 Driver Ed Curriculum Timeline by Week:

Week 1 (11/26, 11/30)-

Ch 1: You Are the Driver

1.1 You Are Part of the System

1.2 Your Driving Task

1.3 Your Driving Responsibilities

Week 2 (12/3-12/7)-

Ch 2: Signs, Signals, and Roadway Markings

2.1 Traffic Signs

2.2 Traffic Signals

2.3 Roadway Markings

Week 3 (12/10-12/14)-

Ch 3: Basic Vehicle Control

3.1 Instruments, Controls and Devices

3.2 Getting Ready to Drive

3.3/3.4 Driving a Vehicle with Automatic/Manual Transmission

Week 4 (12/17-12/21)-

Ch 4: Managing Risk with the IPDE Process

4.1 The IPDE Process

4.2 Identify and Predict

4.3 Decide and Execute

4.4 Using the IPDE Process

Week 5 (1/8-1/11)-

Ch 5: Natural Laws and Car Control

5.1/5.2 Gravity and Energy of Motion, Fraction and Traction

5.3 Stopping Distance

5.4 Controlling Force of Impact

Week 6 (1/14-1/18: Mid Terms)-

Ch 6: Performing Basic Vehicle Maneuvers

6.1 Steering, Signaling, and Changing Lanes

6.2 Making Turns and Turning the Car Around

6.3 Parking

Week 7 (1/22-1/25)-

Ch 7: Negotiating Intersections

7.1 Searching Intersections

7.2/7.3 Controlled and Uncontrolled Intersections

7.4 Determining Right of Way

Week 8 (1/28-2/1)-

Ch 8: Sharing the Roadway

8.1 Sharing the Roadway with Motorcyclists

8.2 Motorcyclists Actions Can Affect You

8.3 Bicycles, Mopeds, and Motor Scooters

8.4/8.5 Sharing the roads with Pedestrians, Trucks and Special Vehicles

Week 9 (2/4-2/8)-

Ch 9/10: Driving in Urban and Rural Areas

9.1 Adjusting to Urban Traffic

9.3 Managing Space in Urban Traffic

10.2 Using Basic Skills in Rural Areas

10.4 Rural Situations You Might Encounter

Week 10 (2/11-2/15)-

Ch 11: Driving on Expressways

11.1 Characteristics of Expressway Driving

11.2/11.4 Entering and Exiting Expressways

11.3 Strategies for Driving on Expressways

Week 11 (2/19-2/22)-

Ch 12: Driving in Adverse Conditions

12.1 Reduces Visibility

12.2 Reduced Traction

12.3 Other Adverse Weather Conditions

Week 12 (2/25-3/1)-

Ch 15: Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Driving

15.1 Effects of Alcohol on Driving Safely

15.2 Other Drugs and Driving

15.4 Coping with Peer Pressure

Week 13 (3/4-3/5: Finals)-

  1. Illinois Rules of the Road Review

  2. Students will take the Illinois Rules of the Road Final Test